Constantine Futures End

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

John Constantine is a firm fan favourite set in the DC Universe. With the events of Futures End, will this book keep up the good work or is it cast for failure as Constantine battles the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr Fate?

This has got to be one of, if not the best 3D variants of the entire lot. The cover changes completely as it shows John Constantine putting on the helmet of Nabu! The original picture starts off with a smug faced Constantine that looks like he is simply holding his hands above his head; but look close and you will see that the helmet of Dr. Fate is pointing downward as it edges its way on to the cover. Turn the page slightly and Constantine has become Dr Fate, his hands light up with energy and his trench-coat goes from running down his body to raising up and fluttering due to the energy involved in the transformation. The helmet looks great and the level of detail present in its New 52 look is simply astounding.


This issue also ties in with the events taking place doing Futures End even though it may not be a direct link; so this is a once shot issue that actually has meaning and should be purchased without a doubt. The story is slower to start but this is where the dialogue is of most importance. The script is filled with narration and conversations between characters as Constantine make it know that he is not a fan of Dr. Fate, that he holds Nabu responsible for the events that took place during the Earth 2 war. As the argument heats up Constantine makes the mistake of picking up the helmet of Fate. Magical tendrils fire out from the helmet and begin to pull Constantine in; Nabu exclaims that only a touch is needed in order for him to take the helm. Caught by this cheap trick Constantine is powerless to fight off this magic; as Nabu forces himself to take over the body of the Liverpool’s favourite son. But all is not as it seems as Constantine has a plan, a final trick hidden in his sleeve; one that involves Anubis himself! This is the ultimate showdown between rivals who seek to prove just who the better sorcerer is. There will be no ties, no truces and no forgiveness; only one can live…will it be Constantine or will it be Nabu/ Dr.Fate?

Constantine Futures End review

The art in this issue is spectacular, drawing you in immediately even with the story opening in a rather bland looking apartment room. A large amount of detail is put into the character designs and into their actions. The backgrounds tend to be shades of blue and grey, this sets the tone by showing the reader that life has become dreary and devoid of happiness. Constantine’s anger and distain works well with the colour choices as it really gives off the feeling that the world we once knew and loved is gone. As mentioned earlier, the helmet of Dr. Fate looks great and highly detailed. And once it in on and we see some magic on display; the pages look even better as they are illuminated by the power of magic.

This is a great issue with a good twist. To see these legendary magical powerhouses go head to head is something of sheer brilliance. The concept is a great one, one that will get people talking as Constantine proves that he has the power to outwit his enemy no matter who they are.

Futures End Constantine Ray Fawkes

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