Future’s End Booster Gold #1 review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

We see the return of one of DC Comics most loved super heroes, Booster Gold, as he graces the pages of an issue that has a large impact on the events of the Futures End event. Many questioned why Booster Gold seemed to be lost in time since the launch of the New 52 and I hope this issue points to the answer… that DC is building something awesome with this great hero at the center of it.

Booster Gold Futures End #1

The 3D cover is great. Unlike many 3D covers, this one does not offer a little bit of motion or a few pieces of background art simply changing positions. This cover changes the image completely, as it features Booster Gold on his own standing in a more traditional looking costume as he strikes a pose that shows he is young and confident. Tilt the cover and his costume changes completely, he gains a more armoured look and his expression changes to one of worry as he looks over his shoulder to find two villains pouncing. Look closely and you will also notice that the buildings in the background also change and become broken down and damaged thanks to the events taking place in the not so promising future.

This issue aims to return Booster Gold in a great way, in fact his return is so great that I would say he is crucial to the events taking place and the events that shall take place once the Multiverse kicks into full swing. Throughout this issue we will see Booster Gold time travelling and making stops in different universes, each stop ties into the bigger scheme of things as readers get to see a more mature Booster, so he is not the humorous Booster Gold we all know, so do not expect a laugh a minute in this one, he takes the time to visit his younger self and it is here that his importance is highlighted. All is not lost there are some typical Booster moments but over all this issue is more dramatic than the Booster Gold of old.

booster gold futures end review

The art is great, each time Booster jumps in time a new artist takes the pen and starts with illustrations. Thankfully the art gels well and creates an issue that flows irrespective of the change in art. The switches in art are so good that you will have to read over sections twice in order to find out which Booster Gold you are looking at. The colours of the issue work well and remain consistent allowing the reader feel the tone throughout the book, so all in all this is a solid book with a great uniform look.

This issue is truly a great one, one that gives readers young and old the opportunity to get to know Booster Gold a little better, expect some fan favourite cameos as this issue aims to return a hero in a great and promising way. Unlike the other one shot issue of Futures End, this issue sets up many possibilities in the current DC universe. With Dan Jurgens at the helm writing for a character that he loves, we could only expect a great issue.

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