Futures End Batwing #1 review

Storyline: B-

Artwork: A

Five years into the Future and it looks like crime syndicates and the Leviathan are growing stronger as we delve into a Batwing One Shot that has no real impact on the Futures End story at all. A new player is aiming to lead organised crime as he promises to take down Leviathan and all that opposes them, the only problem is that there is a new Batwing as Luke Fox steps up to the plate.

Futures End Grayson

The 3D variant cover looks great as it showcases Batwing’s new look against a bright background. You will see that the new black suit gives Batwing a more tactical and stealthy look which is a great change for the character, far better than a bright silver suit with a jetpack. Altough the poses being struck in this variant cover seem very Black Panther like, this new Batwing seems more promising and true to the nature of the Bat Family.

This story opens with the organised crime bosses getting a visit from a leader in the Leviathan army and his robotic drones. These criminals are given an ultimatum work together to fight the common enemy or watch Leviathan become an international super power. With most of these crime lords have ties to Africa, a tribute to the original Batwing I assume, and others have influence in Europe and Asia, thanks to Corvus Corvax they are able to unite. Their first mission is to obtain power and Corvus promises them just that…at the cost of 10 million dollars from each War Lord; but all is not as it seems and these criminals will find that out in a few action packed pages.

Futures End Grayson review

Eduardo Pansica gives us some great art as he draws some great looking heroes and villains. The new Batman Inc look great as this issue provides some fan service for those who love this title. Whilst the backgrounds tend to be dark the story is not really a gloomy one. When the heroes burst on to the page you are greeted with a wealth of colour that backs up the fact that this is a one shot that is meant to be fun and for the fans. The detail in the characters and the backgrounds are great and never overbearing on the eyes; making for a great read.

Whilst this issue is rather predictable and has no direct impact on the Futures End event; it is still a great one to have. As it does a good job of creating a once off issue that will keep fans of Batwing and Batman Inc happy. It has some great character designs and plenty of action packed pages that feature more fly kicks than, “The Dark Knight Rises” Luke Fox might just be the Batwing that we deserve!

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Futures End Grayson review

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