Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

This issue summarises what Free Comic Book Day is all about, it kicks off a new DC arc in style. There is a reason why this issue is a Gold Sponsor comic as it is showcases hard work at no cost. This is not a comic that was rushed in order to put something out on FCBD, this issue is DC at its best!

Future’s End #0 deals with another timeline in which the entire DC Universe is being taken over by a technological virus. Although the virus looks alien in origin there are little comments that suggest another origin. The virus is able to affect organic material, instantly turning its victim into a slave of the all-seeing controller. Prepare to see unlikely allies and heroes gone wrong as they fall victim to a virus that they cannot seem to win against. A small group of rebels exist as they attempt to free humanity from this infection.

As one would expect, Bruce Wayne has not fallen yet, as he and his successor Terry both suit up as Batman, as Bruce attempts to travel back in time in order to prevent the world from falling into slavery. This culminates in one of the most intense clashes in DC history as the Batmen duke it out side by side. This issue features violence that will make your stomach knot as you witness some of your favourite heroes and villains endure far too much pain.

The art is amazing and contributes to this issue being worthy enough of deserving its own review. It is really dark as it sets the tone for this arc, there is nothing happy happening here; it is the end of days. Character designs are very impressive as you get to see older versions of a few of your favourite characters. Then on the flipside, you also get to see some of your favourite characters infused with cybernetics to the point where they have become one with technology. Whilst some characters may look like super failures, others like Batman look exceptionally great, both of them of course!

This free comic is worth paying for and is definitely one worth making the effort to obtain. Being a Gold Sponsor comic, Future’s End #0 will be in short supply and mostly reserved for subscription holders. But thanks to the Readers Den, you may be able to win some Gold Comics and more! A big thank you to Readers Den for sponsoring this fantastic read that is sure to lead to a spectacular DC event!

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  1. Raul Aguilar

    This was a short but awesome Review of Future’s End. I saw the ad for this storyline and I already knew it was a pickerupper. But this Review has be more excited and my anticipation is up there along with Forever Evil #7.

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