ISBN: -13: 978-1450798938

Storyline: C+

Artwork: C-

Action Lab’s Fracture focuses on three main characters – malice the super villain, his nemesis Virtue (a poorly self-controlled super hero that destroys his enemies) and… Jeff.

fracture comics review

The twist is that Jeff is both Malice and Virtue. He does not have a dual personality, but a triple personality. The story follows Jeff, who is the middle man to these somewhat extravagant alter egos – formulating one of the craziest villain plots ever. Although Jeff has managed to gain control of the journals of each of his alter egos, however, one of them has become aware of the situation and so the adventure begins.

Let’s face it, the art of Fracture is juvenile at best, but this is most likely done intentionally. It really lends to the book, as it gives it that Adult Swim feel. With characters drawn more square and with dark thickened lining, giving it that Frisky Dango or Archer feel, this drawing style also helps to enhance the humorous nature of the graphic novel. But one is left wondering whether it would have been better if the writer, Shawn Gabborin, had given his script to a different artist.

Fracture has a little bit of everything in it. The writing seems to have a triple personality of its own, some parts are comedy, some parts suspense and other parts action. The reader gets a little feel of Jeff’s inner turmoil and confusion as well. It is a great idea and offers something new to the market; something with less drama and less clichés makes for a good read. That is exactly what Fracture is, a break from the traditional comic offerings. Unfortunately, it will never be more than a good read to pass time.

fracture comic book review


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