Storyline: A

Artwork: B-

“Fixed Up” is a coming on age comic which is based on Ian Norris’ experience when it came to matters of the heart and dealing with the opposite sex. Each issue plans to focus on one of his complex relationships featuring the girls/women he was fixed up with at the time. The ultimate goal of this series is to once and for all prove that being in love is the worst state of being.

Fixed Up Ian Norris

The comic is a visual autobiography in which Ian discusses his many awkward moments, being a shy geeky teenager put him into many confusing situations and this issue deals with his first girlfriend, a young Jewish girl named Natalya. What you can truly appreciate about this writing is that it is honest, Ian is telling a real story, and there are no super powered people here. Only geeky youths blinded by the complications of young love. The writing is fun and makes use of a lot of South African slang words and dialogue which is great, I love the local flair! Now remember, this comic is set way before being a geek was the in thing. Big Bang Theory would never have even got aired in these days, so being an introverted comic loving guy would not have made you popular with the ladies. It makes for a nice break from reading something far-fetched, as we get to see the start of a boy’s journey towards being a man.

The art is very cartoony, making use of bright colours. This helps create a tone that keeps your mood upbeat as you read through the pages. The art and colouring really lends to the youthful nature of this read. The drawings are not works of art but they do not need to be, it gets the job done and lends to a great reading experience. The faces are not extremely detailed but they convey emotion well thanks to the nature of the drawings. Each expression is easily identifiable as they are well animated. So you know exactly how Ian feels and can relate with ease.

After reading this first issue I immediately read the second one, the fact that it is based on someone’s actual successes and failures makes it hard to put down. You end up being so nosey that you will find yourself reading more in order to find out if Ian got fixed up, hooked up or sexed up. Or did each girl rev up his engine but never take him for a spin? This is a series worth following. Sometimes a little reality goes a long way!

Fixed Up Review

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