Pages: 48

Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

The time has arrived. The DC Universe is at the mercy of its villains as Forever Evil tees off with an engaging first issue.


Forever Evil takes place after the conclusion of the Trinity War saga. But fear not, you do not have to have read Trinity War in order to understand what is taking place here. The Crime Syndicate, most notably Ultraman, make their intentions known, making it easy enough to understand from the get go.

Forever Evil looks as though it is giving Lex Luthor the opportunity to shine. This is the first time he has been given the opportunity to be a central character in the New 52 universe. Lex still seems to be up to his usual tricks of extortion and corruption but all this changes when a new threat emerges from a parallel universe. Could this threat be big enough to force the selfish billionaire to think about the society he lives in? Could Lex suit up for the greater good?


The amount of cameos in this book is well… amazing. I have not seen as many cross overs in a while. Most villains are given a line or two, as part of their cameo agreement most likely. Everyone is there from Two Face to Black Manta and Captain Cold to Bane is present. Well everyone except The Joker, other villains fear he is amongst them wearing another face and that he will not be one to align with this organised chaos. It will be interesting to see how the Crime Syndicate intends on presenting themselves as a bigger threat than ever before. Maybe that is why a kryptonite sniffing addict version of Superman is just so appealing. Evil is here to stay and we best enjoy the ride!


Finch’s attention to detail is great! He manages to use the darkness of John’s writing to his advantage. Most panels are kept quite full and he has given the reader a highly detailed spread of villains which looks impressive. Each villain is detailed in such a way that you will recognise them with ease. This issue also sees the fate of Nightwing. A few weeks ago rumors were out about the changes that would be forced upon Nightwing and that something big was going to happen to/with his character. Forever Evil lets you know precisely what has become of Nightwing and what the huge fuss is all about.

Forever Evil is DC’s first major cross over comic in a while and it is looking like it is guaranteed to bring on action, violence, comedy an heroism in the form of unlikely team ups and unknown allies. It made for a great first issue and introduction. Let’s just hope that it has a conclusion that will satisfy each and every reader that paid for the Trinity War Finale.


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