empress 2 review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B-

The search for Zia continues in Empress #2. While Private Investigator Niles Lance sets sail towards finding Zia, the reader is given a chance to venture into a little bit of her family history, one that is far from being normal.

empress #2 review

The issue opens with Zia encountering problems on set, problems of the supernatural kind. Whilst everything seems normal to others, she is facing her demons on a daily basis. Literally, she is facing demons! Drinking seems to be the only thing that makes them disappear, but where is Zia? Niles has the pages that Zia left behind and he is about to find out that this family has a rather tortured history.

Dorothy, Zia’s mother, also had visions of green demons; they would call her to join them, to follow them; that the person who sees them is bound to them with a bond that can never be broken. Dorothy was subjected to it all, all forms of medication and malpractice; with the promise being that she will never have to see these creatures again. But promises are there to be broken, especially when you are dealing with forces beyond comprehension.

empress #2 review

The art in this one is comprised of mostly dark colours, emphasising that this story is a dark twisted journey into the mind of a tortured individual. The tone is a very serious one so the art complements this well; giving the detectives trip down memory lane a very noir feel. The detail in characters faces look great, you can feel their concerns and emotions quite well as they are easily identifiable. The demons do not look that great though, they could be scarier looking and more threatening. They look too digitally rendered in comparision to the other characters in the book. Maybe this is done intentionally to make them stand out on the page; but a more evil looking demon would stick out like a sore thumb.

Empress #2 hits stores this week on new comic Wednesday, if you have read the first issue and were intrigued by the twist at the end; this issue is the one for you as it attempts to explain the unexplained. Whilst the story taking place in present day does not develop much, Empress #2 gives the reader a much needed history lesson.

empress #2 comic review

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  1. Aghori Shaivite

    Opps… gremlins, rather! But either way, they aren’t really there to be menacing or threatening. They play an important part in the story, which you’ll find out later.

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