Pages: 339 pp
ISBN: 978-1781081587

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Having slogged through quite a few mediocre books recently, it was a welcome relief to pick up something that grabbed your attention from the very first page and hardly let go. Libby McGugan is an adept writer, who allows the reader to effortlessly fall into the world she has created and easily imagine the characters that inhabit this landscape. Her book, The Eidolon, is a science-fiction thriller with a surprising super-natural element that brings it all together in a really great story about life, death, relationships and the nature of reality.

So let’s talk about the plot. The main character, Robert Strong, is a physicist and a computer scientist whose latest research project has inexplicably lost its funding. Depressed, jobless, his relationship with his girlfriend in tatters, Robert is at a loss. This is when he’s approached by the mysterious Victor Amos, who wants to hire him to sabotage the research being done at CERN using The Large Hadron Collider. Robert is told that the fate of the world may depend on stopping these experiments and so he reluctantly agrees.

Strong storyline, fantastic, well-rounded characters (the relationship between Robert and his girlfriend Cora is so convincing, I found myself nodding with empathy from time to time).

That said, I still believe it could have moved a bit faster, been a little pacier. The concept of the books title is introduced surprisingly late, more than three quarters of the way in – and although everything till then makes for a really compelling read, I found myself occasionally skipping ahead to see what it was all leading up to.

Although It may have benefited from a few more reveals earlier in the narrative, there is no denying that this is an impressive debut. The ending is not conclusive but it sets up an interesting premise for future books and I surely smell a sequel if not a series. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Libby McGugan comes up with next.


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