Main Characters: ,

Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

This is it the finale of this four issue run. How will this great experience tie everything that has taken place and will it leave us pleased?

The answer is simple; yes, writing of this calibre will leave you pleased one way or another. Gabe is finally coming to terms with the fact that he was stupid enough to believe he was dead in the first place. Yes, it was a set up but the question is why. Why would they go to such extraordinary lengths to mess with the mind of an ordinary guy and his pet cat? This answer is simple too. In this complex, well thought out script nothing is ordinary as the adventure introduces new twists and turns around each corner.

With some major changes in alliances, some more background info and the exposure of a crazy truth, it is safe to say that this story is heading in the right direction. Brockton has announced that they have confirmed a follow up on this series and we will be seeing more of these larger than life characters – which is great!

Once again the art and colouring is great in this issue. The colours are vibrant and the images pack some great detail. With a mind creative enough to envision RoBerToPus you need Ford Larkin and Jason Strutz to back it up. Characters have quite a few close ups in this issue, their expressions are done quite well and are easily recognizable. It even makes a scene with Gabe and his dad’s sudden emotional outburst more bearable.

Prepare for a cliffhanger of note, as a whole new world of options opens before your eyes and more hidden truths are exposed, leading for what I like to describe as a mid-season finale. I would not mind seeing a Mr. Whispers One Shot in the meantime. There is nothing better than seeing the cutest of characters using some of the foulest language ever whilst being quick to anger. Do yourself a favour and grab this Turn Paperback.

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