Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

A while back we reviewed Ehmm Theory issue #1, a fun read that leaves the reader wondering what direction it will be going to next. With Ehmm Theory #3 Brockton McKinney has managed to do something really amazing.

There is a certain freedom granted to independents. A freedom that allows for creative genius. Ehmm Theory is a prime example of this, and this issue proves that comics can still be unpredictable. In the previous issue there were slight hints that all is not what it seems in the world of Ehmm Theory, but it is issue #3 that makes it so much more enjoyable.

Gabe is still looking for his father, he needs an explanation of just who his parents actually are or were. Alyona and Tym have given him insights into his history but so much is still left unexplained. One thing is certain though, they are being followed. And when the follower is revealed the reader cannot help but be amazed at the twists, turns and complications of Gabe’s and Mr Whispers lives!

This short series offers some of the best writing and storytelling. The dialogue is great and well timed. So much seems to happening at the same time and the reader is tagged along for the ride, helping you experience the adventure as Gabe does. To talk more about Ehmm Theory #3 could cause some serious spoilers. Rather grab a copy to find out more about this unpredictable and entertaining series!

The team of Ford and Strutz have created great illustrations for this issue. The use of defined features, dark shades contrasting with light colouring and eccentric looking heroes make for a great visual experience. The black pages also keeps that eerie feel lurking in the background of a rather colourful tale.

Ehmm Theory #3 has opened a whole new realm of possibilities. The fourth issue is the final issue and with the unpredictable events of this issue you can’t help but wonder how they will be able to conclude this story with only an issue remaining. So many things are yet to be explained and there is so little time to do so. This has been a rather enjoyable series thus far and a rushed conclusion would not do it any justice at all. Plus, I want to see more of the foul mouthed Mr. Whispers!


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