Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Ehmm Theory starts with a bang as our protagonist punts a vertically challenged zombie-clown. This introduces the violent, horror comedy series.

Gabriel Ehmm is the protagonist of this comic. He falls victim to his girlfriend’s miss judgement and this leads to his untimely gruesome death. He wakes up in Purgatory just outside the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter decides to give him a second chance, as it seems that Gabriel has a prominent history that he is unaware of. Gabriel is an introvert that seems to have no friends, this was before Mr. Whispers, his pet cat. He died of starvation, as nobody ever came looking for Gabriel’s corpse. This unlikely team is sent back to Earth in order to set things straight.

Ehmm Theory review

What follows is the most violent adventure I have seen in a long time. The gruesome deaths at the hand of Gabriel and his pet cat are even more graphic than anything I have seen in The Walking Dead (comic book version). You have Gabriel using professional wrestling moves on midget zombies, while Mr. Whispers rips zombie faces off with his teeth. This type of over the top zombie action really reminded me of Evil Dead (the Bruce Campbell version). This is definitely a book for mature readers. The comedy is of an adult nature and they do not hold back on the swearing. Even the cute little kitten has some choice words to say once confronting these zombies.

Although nothing major is explained in the first issue, there are glimpses into Gabriel’s families past. He has no idea who or what his family was, and neither does the reader. It would seem that he is destined for greatness due to his lineage.

Ehmm Theory review comic book

The art in this book is amazing! Ford and Strutz’s work really complement one another and results in a cartoon like look and feel. The characters are well drawn and the violence feels as though it has a liquid flow, which floats you from frame to frame. My only complaint is that Heaven didn’t really help them out by allowing them to leave a number of pages with uncoloured frames of white for that “Holy” effect. Once they return to Earth the background is mostly black in a number of frames. This is not all bad though, as it creates a strong contrast once the blood starts to flow in the dark cemetery.

Ehmm Theory is a fun read that leaves the reader wondering what direction it will be going to next. It may not sound original, as it is Heaven vs the undead, but as the reader you are not sure that Gabriel will only be facing zombies. How can the reader know when Gabriel and Mr. Whispers do not know their objectives? The only one who seems to have a little bit of understanding is St. Peter and it is this mystery that definitely warrants reading issue #2!

Ehmm Theory review book review

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