Pages: 32

Storyline: D-

Artwork: B

Earth 2 #15.2 Solomon Grundy boasts one awesome lenticular, with a sadistic skull holding Solomon Grundy presented in great layers of 3D. But does the story justify a purchase?


This story is split into the present and the past. Earth 2 Solomon Grundy is not the Zombie we are used to seeing. Instead, he is a sort of consumer of planetary life. He seems to be a herald of the Rot. In the present he does nothing really important. He seems to be searching for “The Green Man” and drains the life out of anything that crosses his path. So all you are really left with is Grundy destroying the lives of innocents that pose no real threat to him as he attempts to find the Green Lantern.

At this point you are probably thinking that the flashback into the past is where the meat of the issue is. Ironically, it takes place in a slaughter house along Slaughter Swamp. But this little adventure is so short lived and fleeting you are left not really caring about the characters involved. You do not really care for the demise of Solomon’s family as you do not know them. They have not developed at all. After Solomon realises what has happed we are given a few awesome looking slash scenes leading up to the expected transformation…which is not shown. So at the end of this villain month issue you are wondering what led to Solomon becoming the Avatar of the Grey.


Aaron Lopresti gives us some good art. He really manages to capture Grundy well and gives him that aura of horror. The way in which Grundy regenerates is drawn flawlessly. Also the flash back drawings are rich and expressions are well presented – even though you do not really get to feel what the characters are expressing (you do not get the opportunity to relate to them). Unfortunately, good art cannot save a bad issue!

Earth 2 #15.2 is not an origin story. It is barely a read. Purchasing this one will definitely leave you with buyer’s remorse. Not even an amazing lenticular can justify this purchase. Although the art is great and really captures the character whilst depicting him as a major threat, the story is just lacklustre. There are no twists and turns. Like a zombie the reader does not even have to think in order to complete this read. At least they managed to incorporate the Grundy poem I guess…

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