Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

Trifecta is a collection of three stories, each featuring a different 2000AD character. The three stories cross over and merge into what can only be described as a classic Dredd story.

Dredd Trifecta Review

Dredd Trifecta takes place right after the “Day of Chaos”, where millions were killed by the Chaos Bug and Mega-City One is in ruins. The Justice Department is also in ruins, being filled with corruption and in need of a restructure. So yes, Dredd is sharing this graphic novel with two other protagonists, Jack Point and Dirty Frank. It is not all Dredd 100% of the time. Instead, you get to switch between characters after a few pages. When the character switch takes place, the art, pencilling and colouring also shifts as well. For example, Dredd’s part in this adventure is expressed in full colour whereas Jack point’s and Dirty Frank’s stories are done in black and white with the odd splash of colour here and there. But the odd splash tends to be mostly red! Each story offers something different to the collection as well. Dredd as usual is offering a serious, collected and stern presence, whilst Jack Point offers a humor filled noir-styled read. Jack Point is full of slang and jokes, but what else would you expect from a detective that dresses up like a clown. Dirty Frank is an undercover Judge who is weird and well… dirty. This story is crazy and hilarious. Imagine a hobo looking Judge going up against a Street Shark looking villain, as Mr Overdrive happens to be half man, half great white.

Dredd Trifecta Review

Sure by now you are thinking how do these stories manage to create a successful mash up? Well, at about the midpoint of this graphic novel you begin to see the bigger picture and understand how and why the character introductions happen within pages of each other instead of being a collection of three separate issues that make one bigger story. Eventually characters delve into each other’s stories, mostly into Dredd’s story, and this leads to the other protagonists receiving a different look and the full colour treatment creating a colourful, beautiful, plot twisting conclusion that will leave the reader in awe.

Dredd Trifecta is not a graphic novel. It is a masterpiece of visual and written literature. Whether you fell for the character in last year’s Dredd or you liked the character for years, heck even if you liked the Stallone version this book is a must have for your collection. This truly offers the reader something worth the money they are spending!

Dredd Trifecta Review

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