Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Marius and Tessa, the infamous Magekillers, are in for more than they have signed up for in Dragon Age: Magekiller #3.

There has been an uprising of demons all over Ferelden and Orlais, caused by the ferocious tear in the veil which separates their world from the fade. No one has yet discovered a way to close it and now they are not only fighting for their lives but for everyone else’s too.


After an unfinished job and double crossing, Archon Radonis, a strong and mighty mage and ruler of the Tevinter Imperium, is on a mission to destroy Marius and Tessa. However, he is forced to put his revenge to the side because of the revolution of demons in the lands. No matter how many are slain another one rises, one after the other. It could be the end of everything but there is a glimmer of hope known as the Inquisition.

Marius and Tessa try to save not only themselves but the people of a small village and escape by the skin of their teeth. Villages celebrate joyously and are grateful for their lives being saved but Marius and Tessa are then questioned as to who they might be, mages or the inquisition?


While Marius recovers from his wounds, Tessa visits the local tavern but comes across a mysterious stranger that is thought to be an assassin out to kill the two. After a minor dual and knife to throat confrontation, she discovers that the visitor is not a bounty hunter or an assassin, but rather out to request the services and skill of Marius and Tessa to join a cause – The Inquisition.

Just like the first edition of Magekiller, the graphics are fearsome and catches the eye. The storyline grabs the reader’s attention. It makes we wonder how the next edition continues and what other creatures and demons Marius and Tessa come across.

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