Pages: 123 Pages

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Action Lab comics has released Double Jumpers Vol. 1, a story about a group of video game programmers and testers that manage to get themselves stuck in the game that they are currently preparing for global release. This is where you are thinking, ‘Oh I heard stories like this before’, but what if the characters in the game get stuck in reality as they inhabit the bodies of the video game programmers?

With a live launch around the corner, a press conference for Darkheart Chronicles 2 takes a turn for the worst. In an effort to please his boss/girlfriend, Jason decides to do some after hour testing. However, he and his fellow programmers end up switching bodies with the characters of Darkheart Chronicles 2. Hence Double Jumping of bodies – and you thought it just alluded to a classic video-game move. Double Jumpers is a book that aims to entertain through the use of comedy, but the humour in this comic definitely appeals to some and not to all. It is filled with jokes that would upset some parents but delight your average delinquent… like myself. The characters are believable; they seem like the type of cast that gamers can relate to, making for an enjoyable read especially if you are involved in the gaming scene in some way or form. I guess the character costumes allow Live Action Role Players, aka Larpers and Cosplayers, to feel proud as well.

The art in this one is bright and looks like an animation sitcom and this complements the actual script very well. Double Jumpers art is clear and filled with easily recognisable expressions that add to both the characters and the punchlines of their jokes. Both worlds shown in the issue look great, as we jump back and forth between medieval times and modern Vegas. The bright colours used in the images show the reader that this book is about fun first and that a good story is an added bonus.

Whilst having jokes of a rather adult nature, Double Jumpers is a great book that will appeal to a mature reader. It is a great break from the mainstream titles and it offers a not so unique concept told in a unique way. Without spoiling this read, know that this book is definitely worth your perusal. This level of creativity, combined with some strong art, is the key to the success and it just gets better and better with each issue. If you are looking for a serious, dark read, Double Jumpers may not be your type of book, but this great humour definitely warrants a purchase. And seriously who in this day and age does not like 8-bit Art?

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