Storyline: B+

Artwork: B-

I’ll be honest. I don’t like the 11th Doctor. I don’t like Matt Smith. I found him to be annoying and in it for the fun without worrying about the consequences for others.

Doctor Who New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #1-3 Review

I don’t like on-screen 11… but I like his comic counter-part. I’ve just finished the first three issues of Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor and I’m quite happy. The stories take place after Amy and Rory’s marriage, but before Angels Take Manhattan.

Alice, a woman who’s recently lost her mother, has her life falling to pieces and all she can do is watch it. One day The Doctor, and a large alien-like dog run past her, and she’s caught up in the ever ensuring madness. She soon becomes the Eleven’s new companion as he tried to take away her sadness. It works for a Doctor who’s always happy. Their adventures continue with a utopia turned theme park world and an entity who grants talent, sort of.

The first three issues are primarily self-contained, but seem to be heading towards an interesting season arc. Let’s just say it’s something more of us want to see.

I’ve previously reviewed the first issue of Twelve’s comics and can say the artwork is better with Eleven. Its shading reminds me of The Walking Dead and that’s only a good thing.

In fact almost everything is better and that makes me a little sad. I don’t like Eleven… but, again, I like this Eleven. He cares a little more and is a little deeper. Unlike in Twelve’s issues the Eleventh incarnation’s dialogue fits him and is on par with his TV counter-part. It’s nice when you can read something in the original actor’s voice.

Because this series has started off with a new companion it creates an easy jumping-off point for newcomers. I’d recommend it to newbies and Dr Who fans alike.

Am I really going to have to start like Matt smith?

Doctor Who New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #1-3 Review

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