Pages: 30

Storyline: D

Artwork: D-

The second issue of Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Twelfth Doctor continues the Isen VI story setup in issue one.

Doctor Who 12th Doctor #2

The Doctor and Clara now have to fight an ancient evil, save a planet, and give the bad guy his dues. Okay, so the bad guy’s race is apparently misunderstood, but then it’s not, but it might be. It’s typical Moffat-esque. Basically the story is incredibly formulaic and doesn’t add to the Doctor Who mythos. Yes, we do learn the Time Lords lead a galactic war (in conjunction with other races) against the Hyperion race, but it’s at this point you have to wonder which wars they weren’t involved in. It adds as much useful information as saying McDonalds sells cheesburgers.

Both artwork and writing have yet to improve. The character drawings still do not resemble their on-screen counter-parts – I am still waiting for the artist to correctly capture Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows – and Clara still looks like putty. Strangely the best looking character is a single frame image of Rassilon, the Time Lord’s Lord President.

Doctor Who 12th Doctor #2

Doctor Who can be light-heard and show off some great comedic moment in the show, but this isn’t portrayed well in the comic. Clara’s quips are unfunny, forced, and downright atrocious. I’d expect her lines to be uttered on a show like The Big Gang theory.

As before I’d recommend the comic to hardcore Doctor Who fans, but no one else.

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