Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Will we find out how Abram, a Russian Cosmonaut, received powers beyond his wildest dreams in the second issue of Divinity?


Divinity is a newly launched Valiant title that showcases a regular guy waking up years later after being lost in space. He is no longer the man he used to be and has become a super-powered cosmic entity!

The issue opens with a personal milestone in Abram’s life. He is about to become a father, but has to leave for space. A day later he is launched into the depths of space. He expected to be gone for years, but after Russia denied the launch and the Cold War drew to a close, Abram was left in space never to return to his family.

Isolated from any form of life, the only thing that kept him sane were radio signals that taught him about Earth, its present and its past. Then something turned this man into a God. The end of the last issue left us wondering what his intentions were as he transformed people into creatures. This is not a revenge story. Instead, it would seem that he is able to give people what they want, as he brings their deepest desires to life. Things get real interesting when Unity is sent to the scene in order to make contact with a being more powerful than X-O Manowar and the rest of the team combined.


The art is great. This issue has no action sequences. Instead, it offers some character development and the lovely imagery provided really adds to this. The backgrounds are lush, lively and bring out the most that this issue has to offer. The detail is high allowing the reader to identify with the facial expression of the various characters with ease, especially as they learn of Abram’s plight.

Another solid issue, albeit very different from the first issue. Matt Kindt does a great job of writing this issue. The story is not split in this one, so it is easier to follow and lets the reader find out a little more about the lead character.

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