Storyline: A

Artwork: B +

Valiant introduces yet another hero to their rather impressive roster and he is a rather controversial one. Introducing Abram Adams, a Russian cosmonaut, who was launched into space many moons ago. More than 30 years have passed and the cosmonaut, who was believed to be lost in space, returns to Earth but he is no longer the man he used to be.


This issue is well written. Could you expect less from Matt Kindt? The story is filled with mind boggling concepts yet it is written in such a way that it is never confusing at all. The book starts of by introducing Adams. We get a glimpse into his origin and what led him into the Cosmos. Then the second character is introduced and the pace of the book shifts dramatically. His very introduction is quite dramatic and quite violent. From there the concepts hit the reader full blast, the colours become lush and make it quite apparent that Adams has become a God amongst men. The writing also complements the images quite well as it plays with words and ideas upon the meeting of these two characters, so it is well thought out and executed perfectly.

Valiant always gives you the best art on offer. They aim to win the reader over by combining great art with a great story and this is executed perfectly here. Ryan Winn and David Baron bring the best out of Hairsine’s pencils. Hairsine’s penciling is sharp, detailed and adds life to each image. The human and God presence can be felt in the colouring. When you see Camp all the colours seem to be Earth bound, you get your greens, browns and yellows. Then Adams arrives on the scene and the pages burst with colour and the character design start to shift literally. Imagery shows just how powerful Adams is, leaving the reader wondering where he got such power.

So it is all starting in the Australian outback, where Camp meets the communist Russian new god that is Abram Adams. I am keen to see where this story goes from here as it is clearly offering something new to the Valiant universe. This is the beginning of an epic sci-fi adventure, so bring on Book 2!



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