Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

The year is 2029 in the city of Prague, and the Aug incident, coordinated by the Illuminati, has changed the existence of humanity.

Transhumans are being created and are being isolated, many seeing it as a “mechanical apartheid”. This is where Task Force 29 comes in. They were built to stop all kinds of terrorism against humanity and transhumans. Adam Jensen, a freelance operative augmented against his will, has joined Task Force 29 and is out to prove himself and make things right in the world.


Task Force 29 commences on their mission; the kidnapping of Aug children, as well as the children of government officials who are being held up for ransom by a group of pro-Aug radicals. Their mission is to retrieve while playing it nice for a local news crew. The team’s plans do not go accordingly and shots are fired against the radicals. Jensen decides to take things into his own hands. While retrieving the hostages they discover a loose end; an Aug that needs to be gunned down. Once captured, they decide to keep him alive for questioning.

On further inspection, another 2 hostages are found – a boy and a woman named Helena, a woman who was being held captive to take care of the kidnapped kids. Radicals have imprisoned her daughter, an Aug who is being kept in a secure location known as The Glasshutte – the Aug ghetto.

The interrogation begins on the captured Aug but the only info obtained is about a child named Marek who was held separately from all other kids. Helena is the only one who knows why, but if she talks her daughter’s life will be in danger. Suddenly something strange happens to the captured Aug and the team need to evacuate before a retrieval turns into an even worse situation.

The artwork is just as the timeline explains it; very “2029” and futuristic. It is well-detailed in every way, down to the armour and the shattered glass.

Deus Ex Universe: Children’s Crusade #1 makes for a very interesting read.


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