Delinquents #2 Review

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

The saga continues as Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody continue the search for the other half of the “Ass Map”, a map that will lead one of these tag teams to the infamous Lost Treasure of the Hobos. Will one of these teams reap the reward or will the treasure fall into the clutches of the Mondostano Corporation?

Delinquents #2 comic book Review

This is the issue we have all been waiting for, the clash between these two teams has final come. It is in issue #2 that Quantum and Woody finally cross paths with Archer and Armstrong. Quantum and Woody are still working for the Mondostano Corporation, doing their job without the faintest clue that their employer is and evil criminal mastermind. Once again the Mondostano Corporation displays some scientifically sinister scenarios. They are in the business of genetic modifications and it would seem that business is good and that the “Ass Map” would make for great business. Without spoiling too much of a great issue; this comic is filled with original humour and references that are so over the top that you cannot help but enjoy what you are reading. Armstrong shares his knowledge of mankind’s history…mostly because he has lived through it all and his wealth of useless information will surely entertain any reader. The immature Woody mentoring an impressionable youth, Archer, also makes for some great humour. But to say anything further would spoil what Valiant has on offer.

Delinquents #2 comic Review

Kano pulls of some great art; once again the colours are bright in order to keep the tempo upbeat and put the reader in a good mood. Remember this comic aims to entertain through the use of clever humour. So Kano has kept the facial expression clear and easy to recognise. But you are also treated to some crazy spliced cows and fast paced action scenes.

Delinquents #2 delivers more than what one could expect, it is a great follow up to a successful first issue. This adventure is so off the chart it will grab your attention and keep it until the very end, Delinquents #2 is the perfect blend of art and writing; as they complement each other so well that you just have to believe each issue will be a classic.

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