delinquents Review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Archer and Armstrong meet Quantum and Woody in “Delinquents”. This title fits these no good do-gooders perfectly. Two dysfunctional families in one comic book, this arc is definitely going to be a memorable action packed comedy cross-over that will make these unlikely duos appreciate their tag-team partners a little more or less.


Both of these Valiant groups are about to bump into each other as they decide to take part in a treasure hunt, one in which they will need to follow a map that looks like a butt in order to find some booty. Yes, this is essentially the plot as Quantum and Woody are hired in order to find a cheek of the map, but that cheek is in the hands of Armstrong as he was asked to protect the map at the beginning of the issue. The issue opens as though it were a movie. It the opening credits show just how Armstrong lost half of the map, it goes on to show how the map journeyed through time and ended up mounted on a wall on a farm years later. This is where the modern story starts as a new threat murders the farm owner and takes his mounted crack map, this very threat then goes and hires the worst superhero team known to man…Quantum and Woody. They would like the protagonists to find the other cheek and in return they will be paid in numbers that will make it rain!

We get to see both parties in this issue however they do not get to see each other; that is most likely be saved for the next issue as this one aims to introduce the plot and the characters involved to the reader. What I continue to like about Quantum and Woody is the fact that they do not need to have deep stories, their adventures are often light-hearted, yet the great witty humour comes across quite well; always making for a well written issue. Add Archer and Armstrong to the mix and this cross-over is to be a sure success as the adventurous duo work on a similar premise; Armstrong being the irresponsible immortal and Archer being the naïve youthful killing machine.


The illustrations are great and well suited to the comic, it is not a work of art nor is it too cartoony. Kano uses light colours in order to keep things comical and set the correct tone. This has no intention of being taken seriously so do not expect to see lots of darker colours in this one. The layout in this comedy works well, particularly in the opening pages when it really makes the comic read as though you were watching the opening credits to a film.

Valiant is doing so many cross-overs at the moment, with one franchise jumping into another as soon as one arc closes. Make sure that you do not sacrifice Delinquents #1. It is definitely going to be one cross-over that will offer a unique adventure and give you a break from all the serious stuff.


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