deadpool vol 1 comic book review
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780785156024

Storyline: A-

Artwork: A-

Deadpool is the only man that can infiltrate the invading Skrulls and stop them from occupying the planet. The wise-cracking extraordinaire fools the Skrulls and manages to gain vital Intel that can be used to defeat the aliens. While sending the information to Nick Fury, Norman Osborn intercepts the intelligence. When Deadpool learns of Osborn’s shenanigans he seeks revenge and his lost paycheck.

deadpool hardcover vol 1 review

Deadpool Vol. 1 is another crossover series from the Skrull ‘Secret Invasion’ saga Marvel started in 2008. Many heroes were replaced by imposters. So the first part of this book deals with Deadpool’s encounter with the aliens and Osborn’s attempts to kill Deadpool via Tiger Shark and the mercenary Zeke. ‘Thunderbolts’ deal’s with Deadpool’s encounter with the Dark Avengers, the imposter’s of the real Avengers. Daniel Way does a fine job of balancing humour with action and drama.

Deadpool is such a lovable character in this story, even if some might find his wise-cracks and insane traits annoying. Even casual readers can jump in and start reading this, as the story is simple and plain but loaded with great dialogue and Deadpool’s lovable attributes. Medina’s artwork is simple but sophisticated and the colours are soft and easy on the eye. The panels flow smoothly, making for easier reading and following of the story.

The last part featuring the Dark Avengers and Deadpool’s encounters with Osborn and the fake Hawkman is less tight story-wise and while Dazo’s art has great line work, shadows and composition they tend to get a bit confusing panel-wise. Diggle allows the story to dwell too much on Deadpool’s maniacal tendencies and the tit-for-tat with Hawkman and Osborn carries on too long but clever plot twists and genuine humour keep the story afloat.

Those familiar and unfamiliar with Deadpool should love this collection even if we might not have needed another ‘Secret Invasion’ crossover.

deadpool hardcover vol 1

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