Deadpool the Duck #2 Review
Pages: 32

Storyline: A-

Artwork: A

On the surface of it, Deadpool the Duck #2 seems like it could be a great issue. After all, that last one was a real cracker, and there was a whole lot going for it thanks to some very smart writing. So why isn’t this as great as that first one?

Deadpool the Duck #2 Review - Not As Great As The First Issue

When Rocket Raccoon – infected with some sort of space-rabies – attacked Deadpool and Howard the Duck, the sparks flew. Literally. That’s because Deadpool’s teleporter malfunctioned when it was bitten, and now Deadpool and Howard have been morphed in one body! To make matters worse, Deadpool the Duck can’t stop vomiting, which may be a side effect of the teleporter malfunction or it could just be the chili dogs which Deadpool ate earlier that day. Now, with Howard as the fowl Deadpool’s new animal guide, they must embark on a quest to learn more about the space rabies virus if they’re to cure Rocket.

Although if Rocket dies, Deadpool can skin him and turn him into a nice fur hat. So either way, it’s a win.

Their adventure sees them traveling to a curiously familiar satellite where they’re greeted by a janitor with a silly accent and a security official with a silly name. What could possibly go wrong?

Deadpool the Duck #2 Review - Not As Great As The First Issue

The problem here is that the writing, while still smart, seems strangely off in terms of pacing. The interaction between Deadpool and Howard doesn’t quite have enough emotional punch since neither of them seem too bothered by what’s happening, and they don’t seem snappy enough. Instead, almost half of this issue focuses on Deadpool repeatedly throwing up. Once is funny, twice is okay, but after a while it just gets boring.

Once the action (such as it is) moves to the satellite, things pick up a bit. One line, in particular, was so funny that I genuinely laughed out loud. Sadly though, by the time things start grooving along it’s time for the issue to end, and so it feels like a slightly wasted opportunity.

There’s still plenty to recommend in Deadpool the Duck #2, don’t get me wrong. The art by Jacopo Camagni looks good and there’s some wonderful attention to detail, while a lot of the writing does deliver the comedy at times. It isn’t a bad read, but it isn’t a great one either. Still, in terms of fun it’s solid enough and that’s what counts.

Now let’s just hope things get back on track in the next issue. And someone get rid of those suspicious-looking tomatoes; you don’t know where they’ve been.

Deadpool the Duck #2 Review Marvel

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