Storyline: C

Artwork: A

A new Valiant adventure begins with a bang.


Aric dons his X-O Armour in order to save humanity from a deadly virus. Someone has caught on to the governments dead drop locations and has made off with a vial of a virus that could wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. This virus has Vine written all over it and Aric is not the only one that knows it.

This is a fast paced issue that drops you in the middle of the action as Aric scurries across the city in order to capture a criminal. Ordinary criminals never seem to pose a threat for Aric, but someone is pulling strings behind the scenes as the police have turned against him. This makes this a game of cat and mouse unlike any other that Aric has experienced.

The writing in this issue is average. It has a generic plot and, although they show the virus at work, the amount of focus placed on the threat is far too little. You do not feel the gravity of the situation. It ends up feeling that the main focus here seems to be on the extended chase scenes and the new illustrations being used to give Aric a new look and feel that is unlike the Aric from the ongoing series.

The illustrations are simply amazing. The pencilling is highly detailed and does a great job of creating the rush that flows from page to page. Although some poses might seem unnatural at first, look at it again and you cannot help but feel that it suits the story perfectly. The city feels very concrete with darker tones and shades of beige and grey being used through most of the book. This helps bring out the power of Aric’s armour though as it presents a strong contrast of bright colour when he shows off the powers of the X-O Armour.

All in all, this read is somewhat of an extended chase scene. It looks pretty, but there is simply too little to make it a memorable read. This feels like a filler and for a first issue that is not the type of feeling you want t give the reader.


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