Storyline: A

Artwork: D

Aghori Shavite has a great concept here called the Aghoriverse. This unique universe features some twisted souls and this issue is an alternative representation of the Aghoriverse presented to you by Kelly Bender. This issue introduces one of the craziest villains to reside in this realm. Magic Manx attempts to become the greatest magician to ever exist.

Magic Manx is really twisted, even though he is supposed to be this man on a mission that is aiming to overpower The Aghori through the use of magic. He seems to be just as much of a trickster as the Deity he wishes to conquer. The entire story shows us the character of Magic Manx as he walks around town using his magic to entertain himself at the expense of others. The amount of power the two major characters display in this issue is outstanding. The issue culminates in a battle between two of the universes most powerful entities.

The writing in this issue is great. It is raw and to the point. Kelly does a great job on making the story read as though it were a script for a movie. There are moments that some people will deem to be controversial but it makes for an entertaining read that has no intention of playing it safe or holding back. The script does a great job of presenting the characters and the types of deities that they are. While the reading is easy to follow there is something that definitely holds it back and that has to be the lettering and even the art as a whole.

When it comes to moments that involve sound effects, this comic displays some horrid lettering, going from a hot purple to even warmer shades of red and orange. I understand that it is trying to tie in with the events taking place but the colour choice makes the text look rather amateur. The art is another issue. From the opening colours to the character designs, everything seems to clash. The characters shift in proportion all the time, to the point where Magic Manx looks like he is a vertically challenged individual in some frames. There is not one image that really wows the reader, most will deter the reader and this comes down to the combination of bad colour choices and placing contrasting colours too close to one another. The teaser for the next issue is about as good as the art gets. Aghori is new on the scene but I am sure his art will improve in months to come.

This issue has a great story but is ultimately held back by the art. Had this art been a little better this read could have been a strong self-published title. The shifting of character proportions and the choices of colour really make this issue hard to follow even if the only saving grace this great story happens to be its great writing. But from here the Aghoriverse can only grow and we can look forward to seeing the creativity of Shaivite grow with each title that he releases.

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  1. Aghori Shaivite

    Understandable opinion… but what happened to Sam Keith of The Maxx? What happened to 30 Days of Night, the underground comix of the 60s and 70s, the different comic artists and animators that had their own styles and didn’t look like the cliche correct proportional/consistency from panel to panel artists you see employed by majors today? What happened to looking different and being original? What happened to having your own style? I love major comics, and I understand their usual “expectations” in how art should look… but if it doesn’t look that way, does it make it bad?

    If you like originality and uniqueness in art, I encourage you to check out my stuff. I am a writer and an artist. I collaborate with other writers and artists. I am on my training wheels after years of not drawing and developing my own style through experience. If you’d like to see something different in storytelling and in art, check out the Aghoriverse and Cruel Productions, which makes many different comic titles and characters.

    • Byron Hendricks

      Hi Aghori,

      I will definitely be having a look at more of your stuff so be sure to send them my way. First things first I did not mean to upset you in any way with that rating on art, the concept you have is a great one and I do like the twisted characters but I honestly think that stronger art and colour choices could have boosted the title so much more. I understand you are looking to add something unique to the market and carve your own style and I can respect that and all I can ask in return is that you do the same for my ratings. I can totally understand that you are starting out, hence me saying that I am sure the art will improve and I will be glad to see any other works of yours.

      • Aghori Shaivite

        I wasn’t upset and I wasn’t against the ratings, that’s why I didn’t mention them. I liked the honest critique and it was delivered very respectfully. I just wanted to present a different point of view.

        It’s funny because a few years ago I used to wonder why so many artists drew the same and so much comic book art looks the same. I think there are a lot of technically talented people out there, but I also think that sometimes style and originality gets lost because there is more of an emphasis on technique and aesthetic guidelines instead of originality. :) But yeah, I know I’m new to the art game and in creating, I’ll only grow more into my style. I just don’t want it to be assumed that I posted my ideas out of anger- I posted them as an alternative viewpoint, that’s all.

        • Byron Hendricks

          I love the concept and the madness of it all. No doubt originality is lost in most mainstream titles, but you have an original story and I think the sheer raw nature of it will come across well as your style grows. And remember I am looking forward to following your titles so feel free to send them my way :)

          • Aghori Shaivite

            I will :) Thanks, Byron. Give me your email and I will link you to the main comic I have released right now.

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