Storyline: B+

Artwork: B

Abbey Chase returns as IDW presents Danger Girl Renegade. She may seem like an archaeologist with a taste for adventure, but she is a Danger Girl – a super spy trained in all forms of combat and she knows her way out of a sticky situation. Danger Girl Renegade offers us a glimpse into Abbey’s past as we learn the origin of this protagonist.


The story starts off in Abbey’s distant past. We see her at the tender age of thirteen, yet she is already proving that she has the potential to become one of the greatest spies ever. She is being chased by a gang, but she shows no fear. At the end of this scene, we meet her protector; a man named David and he explains why Abbey is a prime target. We then go a bit forward in time as we get to see just how the relationship between David and Abby has grown. He has become a father figure to her and this is where the pace picks up once again as Abbey is told to run and continue running for as long as she lives. This sends us to the present day where a grown up Abbey is being chased again, but this time she has taken something, an ancient jewel which is more than it seems. Even though her pursuers do not know about her past, one thing is certain and that is that Abbey lives for the chase, the thrill and loves to be in adrenaline pumping situations.

The art is good and suits the fast pace of the story quite well. The different locations also spoils the artist for choice. Stephen Molnar gets to use different backgrounds and colouring in order to make the most of each scene. The facial expressions in this issue are easy to identify and they convey emotions rather well too.

Danger girl is a fun read, filled with action. The script has a fast pace that gives you the feel that this character is on the run from both her past and her true identity. Danger Girl Renegade promises to tell us more about this protagonist and it will be great to see what makes her a spy unlike any other we have seen already.


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