critical hit #1 review

Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Critical Hit #1 one tells the story of a group of friends that have one sole purpose; to protect animals from hunters. They are not your traditional animal rights activists, they have no desire to picket on your hunting ground. If you hunt, they are about to wreck your life and throw you off of your game (pun intended).

CriticalHit comic review

While the story places a strong focus on two lead characters during this first issue you get to see a bit of their history and the events that led up to the situation that these two leading ladies find themselves in. After a night of trashing the property of hunters things take a turn for the worse as they become prey and are captured by some rather furious Rednecks. Jeanette and Sarah have landed into troubles that will have your heart racing as you wonder just what might happen to these young ladies now that they are at the mercy of these madmen…all I can think of is, “Deliverance” as I turn each page. Has their brand of activism taken it too far, to a point of no return?

The writing in this issue is spectacular as Matt Miner shows the strength of each of the leading ladies; they have been through tough and troubling situations. Each girl tells a story that is realistic and easy to understand. There is no fiction in this story; this is another book that aims to show the reader how troubling reality can be. With a script this good, you will definitely find yourself longing for more as the story leaves you on a cliff hanger of note.

CriticalHit review

The issue offers some strong art, it focuses on the facial expressions of characters as we are dealing with real people and their experiences. You are drawn into the script as the imagery complements it so well. The action scenes at the opening of the book flow with ease, creating believable chaos. The images really set the pace in this issue, with fast moments of destruction and slower moments down memory lane which help to build the strength of each character. This story is not filled with dark images as it is not meant to be all grit, but the colours complement the changes in tone and pace perfectly.

This is a great opening issue, giving the reader a story that will have them gripped from the get go. It draws you in and keeps your interest thanks to the images being combined with a great script.

CriticalHit comic book review

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