Storyline: C+

Artwork: B

The story continues as Cal attempts to get a pair of new eyes for an old friend. Even if it means that he will have to team up with one of his biggest peeves, Jason Hemlock.

Cal is a battle tested warrior when it comes to supernatural events that often have horrific outcomes. So you can imagine his displeasure in having to ask any favours from Jason Hemlock, a man that believes he knows the most about the supernatural world, basically announcing himself as being a sort of guru. Cal who is fresh off the 30 Days of Night vampire infested cross-over cannot help but think Jason is a spineless fraud that is looking to make a quick buck off of gullible individuals. So he is less than pleased when Mo’lock tells him that he has contacted Jason. Funny enough Jason was once a surgeon too, so he is sort of a poor man’s Dr. Strange.

And to make things worse, Wheatley a good friend of Cal’s has a personal problem with Jason Hemlock as well. One that has come as a big surprise, a surprise almost as big as the mansion Hemlock owns. So Cal knows exactly where to go and it is only a matter of time before they knock on the door of Jason, who is oddly expecting his guests already. Is Jason a fraud, is he hiding behind tricks and illusions? Or does he have knowledge on the Occult? He is able to point Frankenstein into the right direction as he searches for a new pair of eyes, but is all as it seems or is Jason putting on a show of a lifetime?

Once again the major focus of this book is the dialogue so the frames tend to be less detailed when it comes to important conversations and highly detailed when it comes to scenes that precede action. This issue is filled with colour. However, you may wish that some pages had a little bit more detail. Seeing as majority of the issue involves conversations between characters, you will see the character in detail and the background of the panel will only be on colour, with no detail…just a colour. Sure the focus is on the character and dialogue but would it hurt to maybe add something to the background, or make the character bigger within the frame as it looks and feels as though space is being wasted.

No mention of what is killing the ghouls or what has caused Frankenstein to start losing his sight, so new readers could use this book as a starting point. But those who have picked up the first issue may find themselves wanting. Cal is an enjoyable character that makes this read enjoyable but you cannot bank on your lead character to pull you through each issue. Hopefully we will learn more about the unknown forces at play in the next issue!

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