Concrete Park Vol 2 #1

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Isaac a gang-banger from Los Angeles awakes on a distant planet, a planet ruled via gangs who are all fighting for the same territory. One would think that the Gang lifestyle would suit Isaac but he is trying to put those days behind him.

Concrete Park Vol 2 #1 review

Isaac was sentenced to “Transportation” in order to pay for his crimes in Los Angeles, this meant that he was to be frozen and kept in a state of suspended animation whilst he was transported into outer space via a flying prison. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself awakened on a foreign planet, with no recollection of how he got there. Only a few survived the Prison’s crash from the cosmos. One less fortunate survivor is the man who got Isaac into this mess and Isaac has no intention of playing hero!

This issue serves its purpose as an introduction issue; you get to meet the group of survivors and get a feel of the dynamic that they will bring to the group. You also get to meet Luca, a Gang leader with street smarts and street cred! She is looking for new recruits and by the end of the issue you know just why Luca is in need of help.

Concrete Park Vol 2 #1 review

The art in this issue is good; it is filled with warmer colour tones, allowing the reader to feel the heat of the situation and the intensity of the looming threats. There is not a heavy amount of detail placed into faces however the facial expressions are easily recognisable and the proportions remain consistent. The brighter and warmer backgrounds prevent it from becoming too gritty and dark a read; instead you are given a Sci-Fi action adventure that features a cast of different looking characters.

Concrete Park is a good read that has a very cinematic flow to it. It would be great to see some more unpredictable events in the issues to come. It concluded with a rather cliché cliff hanger. It would be great to see the intensity of the action scenes utilised to their full potential; leading to cliff hangers that will leave reader salivating at the mouth.

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