Civil War II Deadpool #15 - Comic Book Review
Pages: 32
ISBN: 75960608332901511

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Does anybody remember a time when Deadpool used to be really good? It really wasn’t that long ago. Civil War II: Deadpool #15 is not recommended at all.

Civil War II Deadpool #15 - Comic Book Review

This Civil War II sort-of-tie-in has Deadpool pay a visit to the Inhuman called Ulysses with every intention of killing him. Or not. After all, as Deadpool points out, he doesn’t really follow a script and has no idea what he’s going to do next. In this case, he doesn’t follow through on his plan which makes his appearance at the Ultimates HQ completely pointless and his chat with Ulysses meaningless. However, it does lead to a fight scene where he takes on Black Panther.

As for the B-story, Deadpool‘s team the Mercs For Money realize that he’s been shafting them in the old paypacket department. They decide that they’ll either get their money back or steal the contracts they signed, and that once they’ve got them they’re going to walk. But really, who cares about those losers? The main story where Deadpool battles Black Panther, takes a number two in the Ultimates’ toilet, whacks T’challa in the head with a cistern and ruins the end of Game Of Thrones for him is what’s really important.


Civil War II Deadpool #15 - Comic Book Review

Sure, the fight is amusing at times, but the toilet humour just seems beneath everyone’s favourite merc with a mouth. It’s also one of those dopey fights that doesn’t change anything, doesn’t mean anything and has no resolution. I mean, who can honestly say that they’ve ever wanted to see Deadpool and Black Panther in a match-up anyway? Worse, with the exception of the GoT reference, Deadpool isn’t even really funny in this. And when that’s one of the biggest selling points of the character, it’s a real problem.

Sure, the art isn’t bad even if Slapstick looks like a bedraggled rat wearing clown makeup and the action doesn’t flow smoothly. Deadpool #15‘s story is undemanding too, being a pointless issue of filler and padding, with no actual substance. But really, the biggest problem is just that Deadpool doesn’t seem like Deadpool. He doesn’t come across as the star of his own comic, his dialogue isn’t snappy and there’s none of the brilliance his fans deserve.

There’s been a glut on the market since the Deadpool movie hit, and maybe he’s been over-exposed. It may sell to the rubes, but this is exactly the sort of laziness and heavy-handed exploitation of a character which killed the popularity of The Punisher and Wolverine. Please Marvel, I’m begging you, either lighten up on the Deadpool load or make sure the quality is better.

Because, sadly, Deadpool #15 really isn’t very good at all. When Deadpool’s done right he can be truly amazing. But when he’s done wrong, like he is here, he stinks worse than that steaming dump he left in the Ultimates bathroom.

Civil War II Deadpool #15 - Comic Book Review

Civil War II Deadpool #15 - Comic Book Review

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