Civil War II #7
Pages: 32

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

The end of the second Civil War is nearly upon us, but where are the latest battle lines? We review Civil War II #7.

Civil War II #7

Ulysses, the Inhuman with precognitive abilities who has predicted Spider-Man killing Captain America, finds his powers almost out of control. No longer is he a witness to his visions, in his latest he’s in the far future where the Earth is a wasteland and the last man alive is an old man called Logan. Ulysses believes that this future is the destiny of the world is Captain Marvel continues to rely on his precognitive abilities and oppose Tony Stark.

However, in Washington D.C., Spider-Man and Captain America meet to determine the validity of Ulysses’s visions. Neither wants to fight, and rational discussion seems to avert the destiny which has been foretold. Yet the arrival of Captain Marvel and Iron Man causes things to get ugly…

Civil War II #7

There’s little doubt that this series has been building to something, but the real question has been whether it’s all been worth it. Unfortunately, until the last issue hits, the jury’s still out on it. On the one hand, it’s been an intriguing topic and one which is surprisingly logical given the amount of telepaths and precogs within the Marvel U. On the other hand, despite some pretty big moments, the plot and story hasn’t really been that interesting.

Because of this, there’s a bit of a split. This issue, as with this whole series, is something you’ll either love or hate. Which is a shame, since the writing and art are both great. It’s another case of the premise dragging down the whole production.

Civil War II #7

Even for the penultimate chapter and with a potentially huge cliffhanger, there’s a lack of real punch to the proceedings. For months we’ve been teased with massive potential storylines and an actual “war” and yet none of these things have really been presented to readers. It’s like a high stakes game of poker which has devolved into Go Fish. All that remains now is the next issue, and there’s a lot riding on it. But that’s in the future and the real matter is whether this issue is worth picking up – which you should have figured out by now.

If you’re following this series, buy it. There’s still a lot to enjoy here and Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez are doing a solid job regardless. If you aren’t following this series then it’s not necessary in any way. You don’t need precognitive powers to see that.

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