Cinderella Age of Darkness #1 Review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B

Correct me if I am wrong, but in the traditional tales… was Cinderella not a kind-hearted soul that put in hard work for no reward? She was so kind in fact that she earned a fairy Godmother who was able to grant her wishes and make her dreams become a reality right? Well this Cinderella couldn’t be more different as this is a fairy tale is reborn with a twist.


The Realm War is still taking place and this short run of three issues allows us to see exactly where Cinderella finds herself in all of this murder and madness. The Dark Queens lover Malec has managed to recruit Cinderella into the ranks of the Horde. This Cinderella aka Cindy was tortured so badly by her Step-mother that she now suffers a whelm of psychological disorders. Cindy considers everyone to be inferior to her and she has no problem with killing those below her social standards. Reckless, brash and arrogant…Cindy is the only one crazy enough to accept the most daring of challenges, as she is asked to kill the last of the Gods.

The art is good, but every page pales in comparison to the lovely bombshell cover. The art inside the comic mostly involves darker shades as it intends to give that grim apocalypse now feel. This allows the comic relief to work quite well as the writing breaks the tension created by the art. The characters look great as they are not relying on huge breasts and curvy bums in order to tell the story. Facial expressions are easy to relate to and yes Malec does not even have a mouth!

Cinderella #1 provides a great new take on this character, what you are seeing here is complete originality, as Cindy is nothing like the girl you thought she was. This issue is able to stand on its own even though the intention was to blend it into the events of Realm War, proving that the writing is good enough to keep any reader entertained.


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