Storyline: C

Artwork: B+

Imagine Jurassic Park meets Ingloriuos Bastards, with Einstein in the mix as well, and you have Chronos Commandos. The comic book deals with a group of heroes led by Sarge as they go into the past in order to foil the plans of their Nazi enemies. The Sarge and his men have managed to travel back to the Jurassic age where they are faced with problems way bigger and deadly than the Nazis. The book opens with the Commandos caught up in the heat of battle with a pack of hungry Velociraptors.

The reader is greeted with blood, gore and dinosaurs. However, the dialogue in this adventure is a bit lacking. It is Einstein that seems to be most interesting character. His dialogue and detective skills are great and a breath of fresh air from the rather mindless killing of the commandos and dinosaurs. The Nazi accent really provides for some good laughs and entertainment. You cannot help but feel that the Commandos bring the title down a bit. Whilst Einstein is trying to prevent the Sarge and his men from being lost in the past, the reader cannot help but find the present more appealing. Einstein uses his intellect to foil enemy plots in an almost CSI World’s Greatest Detective way. The Sarge and his men are basically cannon fodder/dinosaur feed and they do not really show any growth, this and a weak plot makes for an average read.

Jennett’s art is the other saving grace. The detail on the environment and the dinosaurs are quite great. The opening scene with the raptors looks almost as though it is a painting it works really well especially with the splashes or red breaking the darker colours. All of the creature features tend to be presented way better than their human counterparts. The human expressions are well drawn and presented, but the better drawings and expressions are shown in the Einstein features.

This is a decent issue. A concept like this could be used better though. What we are given ends up having a rather weak plot that relies on the art and colouring to pull it through to another issue. The Sarge and the Nazis are a bit cliché, but Einstein is quite a cool addition to the team of heroes and is the main reason why you should own this comic – even though he only shares a few pages of it!

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