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Marvel has launched a campaign in which it will reboot a number of its franchised superheroes. Marvel NOW! will introduce a few new titles and reboot a selection of old ones, which includes the likes of Captain America. Tom Brevoort, one of Marvel’s editors, said that they wanted to modernise Captain America’s outfit in order to reflect gear worn by actual modern-day soldiers. There is no word yet if this fashion reboot will spill over into any upcoming Captain America movies, but based on the slight changes between the already existing movies, Captain America: First Avenger and then in The Avengers, it’s not hard to see how this change will be adopted.

Currently, Marvel Comics are in the middle of the Avengers vs. X-Men series. At this year’s Comic Con, Marvel also released a poster of these superheroes, which includes the following changes to the characters:

  • Thor has swords
  • Cable has an eye-patch
  • Hulk has space armour
  • Apparently that’s Nick Fury’s illegitimate son (also has an eye-patch???)
  • Cyclops has a new uniform and eye-beam
  • Fantastic Four member Sue Richards is out on her own
  • Iron Man has new armour
  • Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) is back
  • Rocket Raccoon and Nova are characters rumoured for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie currently in production

Capt America Reboot - Comic Con Marvel Now

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