Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The Halloween offering, Bushido, concludes on the eve of Halloween. However, it goes out with a bang that sets the tone and is a great warm up for tomorrow.

Kichiro by birth was never allowed to become a samurai. He was a gaijin, but little did Feudal Japan know that Kichiro would be the one to rise up the ranks by fighting a supernatural threat. He fought for his people, his true love and ultimately for freedom of Vampire rule. The vampires have taken Mitsuko and are currently using her as an ace up their old sleeves. They are using her life in an attempt to extort favours and ships from the Shogun. Kichiro and Orochi have put their differences aside as they attempt to make a final stand against the vampires as Kichiro realises that the Vampires are threatened by the samurai. Despite the Shogun no longer trusting Orochi he decides to give his future son-in-law the benefit of the doubt after Kichiro reasons with him. It is here and in the following scene that the reader is treated to some great dialogue and comic book writing at its best.

Rob Levin provides as with writing that finally matches up to Jessada’s art. In the previous reviews it had always been the writing that held this story back a tiny bit. This time round it is perfect and definitely the strongest work done in this 5 issue series. It is a difficult task to put the writing out each week for five weeks, but this issue shows that hard work pays off and that Levin had a plan to save the best for last.

Jessada’s art is impeccable as always. The digital art alludes to the paintings of the Edo period and create a true Japanese tale. The colours work well and create an enthralling read. The dark scenes really feel eerie, allowing the reader not to forget that this is a read with a supernatural threat lurking in the shadows.

So as Halloween arrives and this story concludes it is safe to say that this may not be the last you see of Bushido. With writing and art this great it would be awesome to see this title resurrect for a second run. So long as they limit the threat to vampires and stick to what has worked, I am sure readers will be pleased. I would hate to see the Samurai move on to other supernatural threats. Bushido #5 is an excellent read and concludes this series with a work of art.

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