Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

Top Cow continues with their Halloween offering this week, but Bushido #3 is a great improvement. The great art finally has a great story to match!

The vampire threat is on the rise in Feudal Japan as they look at expanding their influence on a global scale in the hopes of bringing eternal darkness. In the eyes of their powerful leader, humanity is a weakness and they are the future. The Vampires plan on taking the Japanese fleets and spreading their influence worldwide!

The story continues on Orochi’s wedding day, as all the Samurai are gathered for the celebration. Meanwhile, on the outside of the wedding venue they are being surrounded by vampires, and just as the celebration begins the Samurai are attacked. Amongst the enemy is Raven the assassin that killed Kichiro and Orochi’s father, the one responsible for further the gap in the bond between these brothers. Kichiro is focused on killing Raven and avenging his father whilst proving his innocence.

This issue places a greater focus on Orochi and what the future has in store for him. Kichiro and Orochi provide the reader with some great action scenes that feature Samurai slice and dice precision strikes. Kichiro is aware of how to defeat a vampire from his previous encounters. So heads will be rolling and as dawn approaches you will have to wait and see who wins this battle.
This is indeed just a battle, as the war is far from over. Raven has other plans for Orochi, as the vampires attempt to turn Samurai against one another in an attempt to further their cause. Another reason that this issue is definitely for mature readers is the sex scene. If all the decapitations were not enough to warrant a mature restriction, prepare yourself for a bloody threesome between two vampires and a human that they are eating in bed, literally! After that they proceed to do the deed while drenched in their victim’s blood as it runs down bare breasts! So this is definitely not one for the kids!

As expected of this title, the art is amazing once again. It really creates the feeling that you were really there. You feel the heat and pressure of the battles, the action flows naturally and the emotions and expressions art life-like. This is digital art at its best. It is almost as though you are in an art gallery that is telling you a Samurai story. The amount of detail is astounding in this issue and really makes you look forward to not only reading but experiencing future battles between the Samurai and the Vampires.

Bushido #3 is a great improvement on a story that seemed cliché. Now it is offering this classic tale in a different light, a light they will hopefully lead to the defeat of the vampire threat. Kichiro will have a lot to do as his brother has his own demons to fight, especially now that he has a Raven breathing down his neck and whispering in his ear. Issue #4 is out soon and that is definitely going to be an interesting read! Will we see worlds collide as Kichiro duels with Orochi… I hope so!

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