Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Imagine you knew how the world would end. Now imagine you knew you were responsible for it even before it takes place.


This is the premise of The Bunker comic series. Five young people set out to bury a time capsule. Instead they discover a bunker with letters addressed to them from their future sleeves. These letters inform them of how the world would end, and of their involvement in it.

In this issue we learn a bit more about the relationship between Grady and Billy in both the present, and the future. Their relationship in the present has reached a breaking point as both struggle with the knowledge of what the future holds.
In the future the relationship has completely disintegrated as they try to figure out how to undo what they have done.

The art has a very rough almost chalky texture to it, with vivid expressive lines. This might bother some. I found it added to the neurotic, dark and depressive atmosphere that the story creates. The colour pallet is very subdued with only a few splashes of colour here and there. There are times when the colouring might come across as a bit sloppy because of the chosen art style.

The character expressions are not at all hindered by the expressiveness of the art style, it actually helps add to the emotions felt by the characters.
I really enjoyed the flow created by the composition of the panels. I find it great it when an artist uses different size panels to add to the feel of the comic, especially if they get the flow just right as is the case here.

The bunker continues to be an interesting mix of time travel and post apocalyptic story telling. It was great to delve deeper into the relationship between Grady and Billy. I am really intrigued to see if the main characters can stop the impending end of the world, and if they will survive each other as the tensions rises.


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