Storyline: B

Artwork: B

What started out last year as a digital comic release has finally made it as a print comic. It has also been finished in colour this time around. Joshua Failkov tells a story of time-travel and how it affects the lives of 5 friends who are suddenly imbedded with knowledge of the future.

The group decide to bury a time-capsule – you always see this in the movies but there is a twist here. When the group decides to retrieve their time-capsule something strange has happened. Instead of containing memories of the past, it would seem that the time capsule has given them access to the future. Issue two informs the reader that the letters are guidelines for each character. In order to change the future for the better, each of the five characters needs to adhere to their letters and not veer off their path.

Issue one focused on the personality types within the circle of friends, as this issue builds on a few characters whilst paying less attention to others. So at this stage you do not really end up feeling for any of the characters. Therefore, whether they live or die within the story seems a little less relevant right now. With a story revolving around characters, this is not the ideal situation as the reader feels less of a connection between them.

The art makes use of mostly dark colours and chalk like textures and techniques. The facial expressions are in no way hindered due to colouring and illustration. The Bunker #2 is easy on the eyes, irrespective of the lines and techniques used on the page. The facial details and expressions are impeccable, as the illustrations and backgrounds create the feel of a “mind state”. The soft haze in the background strengthens the focus on each character, making the backgrounds feel memory like. The only problem is that not all the characters receive a focus in this issue. In order to get to know them better maybe grab the first issue!

The Bunker has a great concept which looks as though it will definitely lead to these five friends playing mind games with one another. Ethics will be questioned and morals will be put to the test in this suspense/thriller title. B

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