Artist: ,
Pages: 32
ISBN: 6156824652

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Albright Industries’ best kept secret, psychic, Matt Price is back in this reboot of the 1962 comic of the same name. What’s that name you ask? Brain Boy! Which coincidently he also despises being called!


Brain Boy is an altogether different look at the world of a psychic. One of mistrust and voluntary isolation. Although Matt Price has spent his entire life, under the umbrella of Albright Industries, honing his skill as a psychic, he still has a sense of just wanting to be left alone. He has developed into something of an asset to Albright, who occasionally loans him out to the CIA to go on top secret missions and this proves to be irksome to him during the course of this inaugural comic in the new series. The story is woven together quite well, and the close really sets things up for quite an interesting story arc.

The art is smoothly meshed with the story and serves to carry the story quite powerfully, although some of the action sequences tend to feel hastily drawn although that may just be the artists’ way to bring across a different dynamic. Emotions, through it all is carried across quite well and does lend quite well to the storytelling.

There’s a lot of potential with this series and the story and art is quite solid to start off with. Fred Van Lente, Rob Van Lean, R.B. Silva & Ego definitely work well together and if you’re into off the wall supernatural type comics, give this a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


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