Storyline: B

Artwork: B

The Bounce is a story that follows Jasper Jenkins, a professional stoner who lacks direction in life. He is also a superhero named The Bounce. Clad in his Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow costume, like a human bouncing ball he bounces off walls as he gains momentum.

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The comic opens with The Bounce fighting what appears to look like a grey, Latin speaking, version of Fantastic Four’s “Thing”. People with special abilities are popping up all over the city. A secret organisation building a secretive weapon, one that looks as though it involves human test subjects, could be the origin of the meta-powered beings. This and a series of events lead both the reader and The Bounce to question whether his current adversaries are troubled victims and not foes.

The reader is able to feel for The Bounce, as he bounces along the pages. The movement in the action scenes feels fluid and some of the images do a good job at presenting movement. It is almost as though you are looking at 3D pages. The villains also look threatening, which is great and they all tend to be a strong contrast to Jasper’s sleek physique.

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Unfortunately, The Bounce strikes far too many trademark Spiderman poses. Messina uses oversized noses and square jaws in order to get an emphasis on the facial expressions of characters. Not a single person has got a slender nose. This is frustrating, as it gives off a bit of a caricature look and it feels as though Messina can only draw one type of nose and is recycling it on each character. The dark colours used in the comic work well and really create a strong contrast to the Psychedelic drug innuendo colours used in some frames and on the introductory pages. Clearly this book is for mature readers. The theme of drugs seems to be a central focus in this title. It also contains some strong language (used by the hero himself).

The story is interesting and action packed, leaving the reader wondering what will happen next. Although it does feel a bit like a dark take on Spiderman, Jasper’s character is far from being Peter Parker. He is all about getting his high while taking down crime. He is more of an anti-hero that enjoys beating on bad guys between getting lifted. Although the ending may seem a little cliché, the scientific experiments holds promise and the introduction of villains make for an interesting lead to issue 5.

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