Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Legend has it that Bo is one of the fiercest warriors in both armed and unarmed combat. Legend states that Bo is a trained killer, a force to be reckoned with. But legend often leaves out the part that Bo is a Teddy Bear. This is not another way of saying he has a soft side, he is literally a plush toy!

Bo was once a criminal mastermind, a boss of the underworld. But thanks to some Voodoo, Bo found himself turned into a plush toy. Yes, he really is a plushy gangster, but even though his exterior might have been softened, he still has the hard heart of a ruthless gang lord.

This issue sees Bo face yet another rival gang that is bent on expanding their influence on a global scale. As the name would suggest, The Roswell Gang comes with their own bag of tricks. Their boss, The Serpent, attempts to pull the string on this plushy. Will The Serpent bend Bo to his will or will this teddy prove that he is the original ganster, a warrior so brave that nobody dare challenge him and live?

The majority of the artwork in this book makes use of dark colours and backgrounds. The colours that are introduced into the frames really have a great effect on both the story telling and action scenes. The neon colours introduced on the dark pages gives it added flare and brings out the best in both character design and the alien looking environment. The mixture of black and green just screams alien whilst Plushy remains gangster to the end.

This story is written in vernacular, the vernacular of an American Gangster. So the dialogue and inner monologues are filled with cussing and very obvious innuendos. So this title carries a mature rating for a reason. That being said, it does make for some great entertainment. I could see an animated version of this getting a slot on Adult Swim. It is over the top but in a good way.

Bo Plushy Gangster is entertaining and is a great break from the typical every day complicated comics. This comic has it all; humor, great action sequences, violence and lots of references.

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