Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

Bloodshot is an origin story done right. How often have you seen this character and wondered what he is all about? Well, this is your chance to understand why everyone fears Bloodshot.

Bloodshot #0 comic review

Bloodshot #0 is a really great read and the dialogue is so well-written. The story is narrated by the scientist tasked with the job of giving Bloodshot a functioning conscience. With Bloodshot there seems to be no grey area and his at “all costs” attitude has ended up with his creators having to deal with unnecessary and unforgivable collateral damage. So you get to see this cold and heartless killer through the eyes of one of his creators. This really helps to give the reader a little more insight to a rather mysterious and frightening character. Bloodshot is the monster underneath Chuck Norris’ bed!

Bloodshot #0 is extremely violent. You have all forms of deaths drawn to the fullest detail. I am talking about dismembering, biting and gutting that was reminiscent of that infamous Saving Private Ryan scene where the soldier laid their alive with his intestines in his hands. This is precisely what makes this book enjoyable. Its graphic nature really adds to the tone of this title and gives it an authentic war feel. Most of the events in this issue will leave your stomach feeling as though it were churned in a tumble dryer. This is definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Bloodshot #0 comic review

The art is great and this is mainly due to the layout of the panels. One scene, in particular, is really enhanced by the layout. The panels seem to change position and shrink as a character dies a brutal death at the hands of many attackers. This layout really helps you get the feel of this character being overwhelmed by his surroundings as he is unable to maintain his focus as his attackers strike him from all directions. The panels then go on to become tiny solid black panels as if he is taking his last breathes and is about to die at any moment.

Baumann’s colouring accompanied by a good layout and exceptional writing have truly made Bloodshot #0 a solid issue that feels like the Universal Soldier concept on steroids.

Bloodshot review

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