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Tired of surfing the web to get the latest comic book previews and gossip? Then Bleeding Cool Magazine is for you. The magazine offers a valuable service to comic book aficionados who wish to rest their eyes on paper instead of a computer screen. The publication seeks to give the reader a perspective on the industry that in most cases, only the professionals are privy to.

Bleeding Cool magazine

Issue #0 previews and highlights the return of Valiant comics and their four flagship titles, ‘X-O Manowar’, ‘Harbinger’, ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Archer Armstrong’. The review zones in on Valiant Entertainment’s attempt to revitalize the publishing house around these four titles. Other interesting articles include a preview of the hottest comics on the circuit and one of the hottest is surely ‘The Walking Dead’. Dark Horse’s ‘The Massive’ by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson gets a plug and Keith Davidson interviews Wood himself about his latest creation. Gavin Lee explores D.C.’s, ‘Before Watchmen’ series by interviewing Len Wein, writer for ‘Ozymandias’ and ‘Crimson Cosair’. These and plenty of other releases are discussed in Bleeding’s first edition.

You can grab a copy at Readers Den. The official launch of the magazine will be in October with a full size #1, 100 pages thick. The publication will be sold on a bi-monthly basis.

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