Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Meet Blackout, a superhero that is able to use an advanced suit in order to slip through parallel dimensions. The only problem is that this suit comes without a manual and a previous owner.

Scott Traver is working in a lab when one day the lab gets wrecked. The following day Scott receives a gift that would change his life forever. Waiting on his doorstep is a technologically advanced robot suit that allows him to travel through dimensions and slip by unnoticed to the naked eye. Sure, a gift of this nature is deemed to have its perks but it has go some very apparent cons, such as the highly trained military advanced squads being sent out in order to retrieve the suit.

Scott takes it upon himself to snoop around using his new suit, hoping to find its origins and purpose. This gives the reader an opportunity to see how the armour works; you end up learning about it at the same time that Scott is learning about it. This issue has some great dialogue and reads at a steady pace. This is not an all-out action adventure filled with extended fight sequences. You get to learn a little more about the protagonist’s personality but these are baby steps. You cannot help but feel that it is only a short while before the pace picks up in the action scenes.

The art is great. It makes use of mostly dark colours and tones, suggesting that this is going to be a serious read which will most likely feature some dark humour on the side. The way in which Blackout’s powers are displayed is excellent; his circular portals are solid black with little electrical charges on the perimeter, lending to the name… Blackout. There is a slight issue when seeing the cover and character, you immediately think Guyver or Guyver franchise. This story has nothing to do with and is in no way affiliated to Guyver; even though the character colour on the cover and his mask design might suggest otherwise.

Overall, it is a satisfying read, one that holds some promise… like the promise of Mecha for instance! Featuring some great art, a nice ultraviolent scene and good dialogue, Blackout is definitely one worth following. It will be interesting to see just what new ideas can be used when it comes to dimensional teleportation.

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