Plot: Time is running out for the universe, Nekron’s holocaust is close at hand. Unless Hal Jordan and his intergalactic friends can unite the warring corps then Nekron’s plan will succeed and all life will be extinguished.

Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Doug Mahnke

Additional Pencils: Ed Benes Marcos Marz

Inkers: Christian Alamy Doug Mahnke Tom Nguyen Rodney Ramos Mark Irwin Ed Benes Luciana Del Negro Rebecca Buchman Keith Champagne

Colourists: Randy Mayor Gabe Eltaeb Hi-Fi Carrie Strachan

Letterer: Rob Leigh

This book is a parallel narrative within the wider Blackest Night series. The story takes place while the battle in Blackest Night rages on earth. The book show’s Hal’s recruitment mission in the various sectors of the universe. Hal learns from Indigo-1 that the black rings can be destroyed when two colours from the light spectrum are wielded simultaneously. If all the colours can be employed then Nekron himself will be defeated.

The book also serves to give the back stories of various characters and show what their motivations are. Black Hand’s tale is truly a harrowing and bleak example of this. Johns reveals secrets long hidden by the Guardians and Sinestro’s past comes back to haunt him. The tension between the various corps is used as the platform for most of the story and their mythologies are further expanded. Mahnke’s style works perfectly when depicting alien life forms and the grotesque seem to inspire his work. His panels do become a bit cluttered and disorientating though and a few moments have to be spent analyzing and deciphering actions heavy frames. Blackest Night: Green Lantern lacks a bit of kick and excitement in the first half-save for Black Hand’s chapter. The novel improves the more you read and the grand scope of the mythology is something to behold.

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