Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps Volume 2

Written by

Writers: Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Tony Bedard, Greg Rucka
Pencils: Eddy Barrows, Marcos Marz, Eduardo Pansica, Nicola Scott
Inkers: Julio Ferreira, Luciana Del Negro, Ruy José, Eber Ferreira, Eddy Barrows, Wayne Faucher, Sandro Ribeiro, Prentis Rollins, Jonathan Glapion, Walden Wong, Drew Geraci
Colourists: Mike Atiyeh, Rod Reis, Nei Ruffino
Letterers:  Travis Lanham, Rob Leigh, John J. Hill
Story: The dead keep rising and now The Flash, the JSA and Wonder Woman have to contend with the evil Black Lanterns.

Black Lantern Corps, volume two does indeed show that the Black Lantern characters and their zombie disposition can become a bit tedious. Geoff Johns does work his magic in The Flash though and keeps the story intriguing. The parallels between The Rogues’, Cold and Barry Allen and their different emotional outlooks is a nice touch. The artwork might not work for more refined tastes but it does seem to capture the frenetic nature of the story and the character of, The Flash.

The Justice Society of America makes another comeback in the D.C. universe and they find themselves in the same boat as the rest of the world’s heroes and villains. Their greatest challenge is fending off Kal-L who is one of the more interesting Black Lantern characters in the Blackest Night saga. The old-fashioned artwork is a real treat in this story. By the time you get to Wonder Woman you may be a bit fatigued by all the emotions on display, but it is not a bad story though as, Rucka turns the lead character into a zombie and lets in some fresh air by turning the tables. Magnificent pencils and colour work abound in the third story, maybe too digitally enhanced at times but gorgeous artwork nonetheless.

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