Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Are you ready for the final issue in this Black Dynamite arc? Ain’t nobody ready for the final showdown jive turkeys! It is a battle of sport filled with bad sportsmanship when the man that knows his Kung Fu goes up against a Badminton baller and shot caller. This is Blaxploitation at its best.


The story centers on an icon for Black Americans, Paul “The Pole” Monroe. The most valuable player in the basketball game, a sports icon so powerful he could calm down the tensions in any crowd, the book gives a few great examples of how he did this too; a man that was worshipped for his talents. The first African American on the brink of getting his own sports shoe deal, but everything goes awry when this sports star suffers an untimely death; leading to Black Dynamite investigating a new case, a case that involves “The Man” and lots of tiny little balls.
This issue contains some great humour which comes as a result of both Black Dynamite’s personality and the sheer amount of irony that this book contains. It is filled with what we have come to expect from Black Dynamite, this issue makes light of a situation that we even face today. As we see just how the shoe industry and certain brands can influence people’s lives and sadly this still happens today. Paul “The Pole” is a Michael Jordan like character, loved by all but unlike Jordan he never gets to see his shoes hit the shelf and Black Dynamite knows why.

The art is great. Once again it is made to look as though it were printed in the 70’s, so the colour choices are a lot plainer and flatter than the illuminated colours we have become accustomed to seeing today. The illustrations have been dotted with the intention of making this comic feel as though it was printed during the time of its setting. The images have light and dark backgrounds as you move from frame to frame, so this issue is not favouring a specific tone; as it not gritty but at the same time it is happy clappy. It aims to entertain and it does a great job of this.

This is a fun issue that offers a little bit of a life lesson in between all of the sheer Tom Foolery it presents. This title offers a nice break from the complex comics that populated the shelf space at your local comic store. So sit back and enjoy a few laughs with this one.


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