Storyline: B+

Artwork: B

Black Dynamite is a bad mother… shut yo’ mouth… and he is about to bring a world of hurt to The Man in this all new short series.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Black Dynamite, he kicked off with a feature film back in 2009, starring Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite in a 70s Kung Fu spoof comedy. The success of this movie led to the development of an animated series which debuted back in 2012. Black Dynamite is a former CIA agent and a Vietnam veteran who has mastered all forms of Kung Fu. He is also the ultimate ladies’ man. Black Dynamite could end your life with the click of a finger. Dare I say it; he may even be an opponent worthy enough of facing Chuck Norris! The minute IDW released this title it was a definite must read.

Does it live up to the hype? In terms of entertainment Black Dynamite the comic lives up to its reputation. The writing is spot on and lives up to the expectations set by the movie and animated series. The dialogue is simple and easy to understand, allowing the reader to page through at a pace that ensures an entertaining read. You are drawn in immediately and that 70s style vernacular becomes very easy to grasp and relate to. This is comedic entertainment at its best as Black Dynamite realises that whilst being the community’s saviour he has become its biggest threat as well. His reckless nature has led to the destruction of far too much as he leaves the community and sets upon a journey of self-discovery in order to atone for his sins.

Ron Wimberly keeps the art consistent to the animated series counterpart whilst adding in subtle changes to characters. The colours also mimic that of the series so expect backgrounds filled with different shades of orange, yellow and black. Black Dynamite also makes use of yellow tint pages in order to give it that old look. From the art on the cover to the pages, Black Dynamite #1 feels as though it truly is a 70s original.

If you are familiar with the character I am sure you will enjoy this comic more. However, on its own Black Dynamite #1 is a solid, entertaining read for all to enjoy. It offers great dialogue and memorable comedic moments that are executed with perfect timing. This is blaxploitation at its best,as. It takes a past genre and welcomes it to the present.

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